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Special Discounts on Scuba Equipment Purchases, Rentals and Training, Free Air Fills, Free Lake Dives, Dive Buddy Discounts and much, much more.

Learn To Dive

Moby’s offers a great Basic SCUBA program and a variety of Specialty Classes to continue your diving education and experience. Our Dive-Leader staff is seasoned and knowledgeable. Our on-site scuba lake makes your training super convenient.

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Get Equipped

Scuba diving is simple and fun yet gear intensive. Using safe, reliable and fitted equipment makes your experience the best. We will help you select the equipment that is right for you. You can even test-dive some equipment in our on-site dive lake (call for availability).

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Go Adventure

Moby’s Dive Club is the ticket to accessing many of our services. Benefits like free air, diving in our lake (or pool), equipment safety checks, saving on specialty classes (continuing ed), purchases and services. It pay’s to be a member of Moby’s Dive Club!

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Our goal has always been to provide honest and reliable product and service to our clientele.

Moby’s Dive Shop in Grand Rapids, MI has an excellent (experienced) staff of Dive Leaders and helpers to dive with and show you dive skills. Our selection of Scuba-Diving products are second to none in quality and performance.

Want to Try SCUBA?
Non-Certified Divers can experience the sport of SCUBA in our on-site dive lake.

Only $70
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We teach snorkeling, sell equipment and open our lake to snorkel tours all summer. Great for the whole family.

This is a resort-level SCUBA class giving you a great first diving adventure in the safety of our dive lake.

Get SCUBA trained and certified so you can dive in our lake, the great lakes, or anywhere in the world.

For Certified Divers who want to learn specialty skills like night diving, deep diving or boat diving, Moby’s offers classes regularly.

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Special Discounts on Scuba Equipment Purchases, Rentals and Training, Free Air Fills, Free Lake Dives, Dive Buddy Discounts and much, much more.

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Moby's Dive Shop
Average rating:   22 reviews
by Mike on Moby's Dive Shop

I have been a certified diver for over 20 years, but I recently had my two teenage children get their certification through Moby's Dive Shop before taking them on their first dive trip to Cozumel. I was very pleased with the instruction they received and both of my kids did great on our 10 day trip. The dive masters all were amazed that this was their first trip. They were both extremely relaxed in the water. Moby's instructors did a great job with them. Both had no trouble at all with their buoyancy or air consumption. They were so relaxed drifting along on most of the dives I swear they were sleeping. I think they both were better divers than many experienced folks we ran into throughout the week. Both dropped the amount of weight they were using during the week and I think they were diving with about 8 pounds for their last several days which makes for very comfortable diving. Thanks!

by William Sherman on Moby's Dive Shop
Outstanding Service

Where to start. Moby's Dive Shop has been the most enjoyable experience, From the Instructors to the Staff they are all extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure that you're comfortable and satisfied with every aspect of your diving education. I have purchased a total dive package that fits me perfectly. SSI is the Ultimate Dive Experience. So what you waiting for come down to Moby's Dive Shop and have the experience of a lifetime. Come share in the underwater world with us. The Adventures await . Thanks again Andy

by David VanHouten on Moby's Dive Shop
Thank You Moby's! For Helping Calvin College!

I just wanted to say thanks to Moby's dive shop for helping Calvin College Campus Safety,

by providing us with dive gear to support our Annual Calvin College Seminary Pond Jump.

Having the proper equipment to respond to an emergency and have the ability to put Campus Safety in the water during this event, greatly enhanced the safety of our staff and students during the jump!

Thanks for allowing us to use your equipment - and without even any hesitation! Moby's is the BEST!

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