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Welcome To Moby’s Dive Shop

Twenty Seven years ago Moby's opened its doors in Newaygo (MI), then moved to Grand Rapids in 1996.
Andy (Owner), previously managed the Skampt Scuba Shop in Grand Rapids from 1991-1994.
Our focus has always been to provide honest and reliable product and service to our clientele.
Moby’s Dive Shop has personable (experienced) Instructors, Dive Leaders and Ambassadors
      to assist with your dive, answer questions and help to improve your diving comfort.
Our selection of Scuba products are the best in quality and performance, we guarantee this. 
 We take time to custom fit your gear, explain features and show you how to use your equipment.
Our on-site Dive Lake offers: a dive-deck, assembly benches, changing area and warm
     showers, to make it easy for you to dive and relax afterward.  Our well laid out underwater
     environment offers easy access, u/w platforms for practicing skills, a navigation course,
     shipwrecks and many other artifacts to explore. 
FUN-DIVES every Tuesday at 5:30 PM (after work) for a FUN-DIVE (May - October).
                                         Safety is our main priority.
RENTAL GEAR is available at reasonable rates, and Moby's Dive Club gives you access to dive anytime we are open (plus other benefits) for a low annual fee.
Specialty Training is also available, easy and on-site, such as: Navigation, Nitrox, Night/Limited Visibility, Stress & Rescue, Buoyancy and more. 

                    Equipment tune-up, service checks and over-hauls are available by our Manufacturer trained technicians.

Moby’s Dive Team


A Little of Our History

Moby’s Dive Shop provides training, service and quality equipment to many of our surrounding municipalities, including many of West Michigan’s County Sheriff Dive Teams, John Ball Zoo and Regional City Dive Teams.

We are proud to be associated with many of our public servants that utilize scuba-diving to accomplish their task at hand.

Here are a few of our clients.

Specializing in:

ON-SITE Dive Lake saves time and driving. Safe, patient and thorough Instruction.  Seasoned Instructors providing efficient systems to learn properly, quickly, safely and fast. 
                              Open Water certification as well as many Specialty courses, such as Navigation, Night, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue and more

We guide you in custom sizing for a perfect fit.  We guide efficient use of your gear well after your investment, and guarantee excellent performance.
                              Our package systems (usually) includes Moby's Club Membership to practice dive w/air as often as you're able.  Other added values too. 

Safe gear, correct adjustment and lifetime warranty for overhauls on Regulators (Apeks/Aqualung) with free parts for life.  Trained Technicians.

Moby's Dive Club:  $139 annual / or included with your Equipment Package Investment
You have FREE access to our (on-sight) Dive Lake, Free service checks on Regulators and BCD's, plus discounts on Training, Product, Gear Overhauls,
                              plus renewal discount for active divers.  Year round FUN & special service for members. Tuesday after-work dives at 5:30 (May-Oct)

SCUBA Dive right at Moby's
Moby's has direct access to Versluis Lake (behind the shop).  All set-up for divers and for you to enjoy. U/W platforms, Navigation course, Dive Deck, Gear assembly benches,
                             Changing area, warm showers, and the occasional cook-out after the dive.   JOIN Us, we'll make you comfortable.

Contact Us

Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone:     616-364-5991

MON *Appts. Only
TUES - THUR   12pm - 6pm
FRIDAY 11am - 5pm;     
SAT 11am - 4pm

*Sunday     Closed