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Investing in your own personally fitted scuba system, is investing in your comfort as you begin and continue your diving adventure.

The more accustomed you become with your equipment, the less stress you will have as a diver. Different configurations, sizes, performance and quality of inconsistent rental gear can make your learning curve more difficult.

As an active diver, you will soon discover the better level of diving by knowing your equipment is safe, custom fitted to you and backed up with a dedicated team at Moby’s helping to ensure your next dive is the best dive.

Moby’s Dive Shop always offers the extra added value to make your investment the best overall value.

Investing in your personally fitted SCUBA System Package

  • WETSUIT : The proper thickness, style and size will ensure warmth and protection from the elements.
  • REGULATOR : Your Air-Delivery System will be recommended based on the type of diving, depth, temperature and conditions of the water.
  • SAFE 2nd : whether it is a standard octo or a streamlined alternate inflator/deflator safe 2nd you have options to choose from.
  • GAUGE : The basic gauges will read your tank Pressure , depth and max depth. A timing device is important for tracking your dive-table times.
    • Dive computers will also track the date and time, dive plan, memory of previous dives (for logging and multiple dives in one day), ascending rate, temperature, nitrox settings and more for continuos dives and or deeper diving. Some computers can download your data, show air pressure and even have a built in electronic compass. We will show you these options.
  • BCD : Not only a proper size (and fit) is crucial but the styles vary from back-inflate to wrap-around, weight integrated or standard as well as style for different types of diving.
  • WEIGHTS : Soft or Hard weight in the correct amount can keep your system trimmed and perfectly weighted for optimal buoyancy.
  • Mask-Snorkel-Fins & Boots : Generally most divers will acquire these for their training, we will integrate these items
    • (if you already purchased them at Moby’s) into your package pricing to give you the best value. But if you need these items, there are many choices we can help you select and be sure it fits (works) correctly.
  • ACCESSORIES : Such as a dive-light, knife, dive-flag, gear-bag and additional gear management supplies are helpful with your dive in different environments.

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